Replacement Tailpiece for Theodore VLN16 Violin Outfits
Theodore Universal Violin Tailpieces with 4 Fine Tuners & Tailcord
Item Code: TP-1

At a glance:
- Include 4 fine tuners to aid tuning
- 11cm tailcord with adjustable nuts
- All metal black tailpiece

The Theodore TP-1 Violin Tailpiece is the ideal replacement tailpiece for most violins. This universal tailpiece offers an affordable yet durable replacement tailpiece featuring 4 fine tuners and a fitted nylon tailpiece gut cord.

Both strong and light, this tailpiece is available in 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 4/4 sizes. Included the modern day standard of 4 fine tuners, you can tune your strings accurately and precisely with ease. Simply tune the violin up with your pegs as accurately as you can then use these fine tuners to make slight adjustments. 

- Colour: Black
- Tailcord: Fitted



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