Tiger Classical Guitar Strings & String Winder Pack
Tiger Classical Guitar Strings & String Winder Pack
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 At a glance:
- Strings and winder included - complete solution to restring your classical guitar
- String winder - suitable for most acoustic, classical & electric guitars
- Strings - Suitable for 4/4 size, 3/4 size, 1/2 size and 1/4 size classical guitars
- These strings offer a warm and vibrant tone, serving as great replacements
- Includes a FREE .0280” high "e" string

We’ve all been there; you’re in the middle of playing a song and then “snap!” there goes a string. This classical guitar restringing bundle is a quick fix that you can rely on. No longer do you have to fiddle around with your guitar’s machine heads thanks to the Tiger String Winder, which makes winding quick and easy.

Once you’ve unstrung your guitar, you’ll need a set of strings to quickly replace them. Tiger’s Normal Tension Nylon Strings are an affordable replacement set that offers a quality sound – suitable for 1/4 size, 1/2 size, 3/4 size and 4/4 size classical guitars.

Item Specifications:

String Winder
- Head dimensions: 8.5mm x 24mm
- Handle length: 7.5cm
- Built in bridge pin puller for acoustic guitars
- Suitable for machine heads of acoustic, classical, electric guitars as well as ukuleles and banjos

Classical Guitar Strings
E – 1st: .0280” / 0.71mm (Unwound Nylon)
B – 2nd: .0322” / 0.82mm (Unwound Nylon)
G – 3rd: .0403” / 1.02mm (Unwound Nylon)
D – 4th: .029” / 0.74mm (Wound Nylon)
A – 5th: .035” / 0.89mm (Wound Nylon)
E – 6th: .043” / 1.09mm (Wound Nylon)
Includes a FREE high “e” string!


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Tiger Classical Guitar Strings - Normal Tension Nylon Strings
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Tiger Guitar String Winder and Peg Puller
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