Tiger Drum Hardware Pack, 2x Boom Cymbal, Hi-hat, Snare Stands, Bass Pedal & Bag
Tiger Drum Hardware Pack, 2x Boom Cymbal, Hi-hat, Snare Stands, Bass Pedal & Bag
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At a glance:

- Complete pack includes 2 cymbal boom stands, hi-hat stand, snare stand, single bass drum pedal and Drum hardware bag

- Boom cymbal stands have a two tier construction giving an impressive height of 147cm and min height 80cm. Double braced legs with anti slip feet keep the stand firmly planted throughout your playing

- Hi-hat stand features: Direct pull chain driven footboard for a precise feel, height Adjustment range of 68cm – 93cm and footboard toe guard and hi-hat clutch included

- Single chain rolling cam on the bass drum pedal for a smooth more direct feel. Included Hardware bag dimensions: length: 119cm (46”), width: 23cm (9”), height: 29cm (11”) with 10mm padding

The Tiger DHWP3 Hardware Pack is the complete, upgraded, solution for your drum setup. With the suitable hardware to complete your drum set (two heavy duty boom cymbal stands, a hi-hat stand, snare drum stand and a heavy duty pedal suitable for your bass/kick drum), this set boasts it’s convenience and is made complete with a hardware bag to fit it all in.

Featuring two heavy-duty boom cymbal stands you can find just the right slot in your setup to position either a crash, splash, ride or china cymbal.  Giving you the freedom to position your cymbals at just the right height, distance and tilt, this stand is perfect for both professional and beginner drum kits. Manufactured with a heavy-duty base complete with anti-slip rubber feet for maximum stability these quality stands are a notable part of this package.

Following up from the cymbal stands we have the heavy-duty double braced hi-hat stand featuring a direct pull foot pedal. Ideal for home, school or professional use this stand offers you, the drummer, a reliable and durable piece of hardware. Built to withstand the test of timethis stand is also fitted with three anti-slip rubber feet on it’s double braced tripod base.

Included in this set of hardware is a universal, durable snare stand. Also manufactured with double braced construction, this snare stand is capable of holding snares from 10” to 14”. Featuring a multi-step tilter, you can find the perfect angle for your snare with ease.

Completing this set of durable hardware is an equally impressive bass drum pedal. Serving as a hefty upgrade from the beginners pedal that is featured in the DHWP2 hardware package, this heavy-duty upgraded pedal is the perfect step up or addition to your kit, whether you’re still a beginner or an experienced professional. Thanks to the base plate fitted on this pedal you can be sure that your pedal is kept stable especially with electronic drum kick pads. Complete with footboard height adjustment and beater angle adjustment you can make the slight changes in your setup that will make all the difference.

For your convenience, you can store or transport all of this affordable hardware in the spacious hardware bag that is included in this package. With a strong nylon construction reinforced by secure stitching, this bag can effectively hold the weight of all of your hardware together. With a long and spacious design this bag can accommodate the hardware included in this package with ease. Featuring 10mm of EPE padding you can be sure that your hardware will remain damage and scratch free.

Cymbal Stand Specifications:
- Height Adjustable from: 90cm
- Feet: Anti-Slip Rubber
- Suitable For: Crash, Ride, Splash, Chinese and all standard cymbals.

Hi-hat Stand Specifications:
- Hardware: Chrome Finish
- Height: 150cm
- Width: 66cm
- Pedal: 25cm

Snare Drum Stand Specifications:
- Min Height: (floor to basket): 58cm
- Max Height: (floor to basket): 74cm

Bass Drum Pedal Specifications:
- Beater: Felt
- Pedal: Steel

Hardware Bag Specifications:
- Length: 119cm (46”)
- Width: 23cm (9”)
- Height: 29cm (11”)
- Padding: 10mm EPE
- Weight: 1.014kg
Accessory Pocket Dimensions:
- Height: 20.5cm (8”)
- Width: 42.5cm (16”)


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