Tiger A Frame Guitar Stand – Foldable Stand for Electric, Acoustic, Bass Guitars
Tiger A Frame Guitar Stand – Foldable Stand for Electric, Acoustic, Bass Guitars

Item Code: GST63-BK

At a glance:
- Portable design makes it great for the guitarist on the move. Dimensions when folded: 31cm x 15cm x 4.2cm
- Dimensions when opened 29cm x 29.9cm x 31.5cm
- Rubberised movable body supports helps to accommodate acoustic guitars, classical, electric and bass guitars
- Rubberised feet and body support protects and also stops the stand and instrument from slipping
- ABS plastic strong yet lightweight, weighing only 434 grams!

The Tiger GST63-BK Foldable A-Frame Stand is a fully universal and lightweight stand for electric, acoustic, bass and classical guitars. Designed and manufactured to be portable, this compact stand is perfect for the gigging musician. Made from durable ABS, it is a robust and steady stand but small enough to fold down and slot into your gig bag to take to gigs, rehearsals and lessons. With collapsed dimensions of 31cm x 15cm x 4.2cm, this stand is among the most compact guitar stands available.

When opened, this universal stand can slot right into virtually any setup thanks to the small space it requires. Sitting at only 29cm x 29.9cm x 31.5cm, you won’t have to worry about trying to find the space to put this stand – and thanks to the rubberised feet you won’t need to worry about the surface you put this stand on either.

Not only are the feet on this stand rubberised, but this stand provides rubberised protection for your instrument too - you can be at ease knowing that your guitar will be safe from slipping off the stand.

This stand has been built to accommodate different shapes and sizes of acoustic, electric, bass and classical guitars. This is made possible thanks to the rubberised, movable body supports. Simply slide the supports out to the required distance for your instrument and it’ll slot comfortably in.

Folded: 31cm x 15cm x 4.2cm
Opened: 29cm x 29.9cm x 31.5cm
Suitable for: Acoustic, classical, electric and bass guitars.
Weight: 434g


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