Tiger Keyboard Stand and Stool Set - Securing Straps Included
Tiger Keyboard Stand with Securing Straps & Piano Stool Pack


 Tiger's Deluxe Keyboard Stand and Stool Pack is the ideal setup for a keyboardist. With two deluxe models of stand and stool alike, Tiger brings you an essential keyboard pack to help you play the keyboard with comfort and ease of use for years to come.

The Tiger keyboard bench is a fantastic, affordable choice for both keyboard players and pianists who require a high-grade, comfortable and durable stool for use in the home, on stage or in the studio. It can be used with anything from an upright piano to a standard keyboard stand amongst other uses. Also favoured in schools and colleges, the keyboard bench by Tiger features an adjustable X-Frame base design and a padded seat. Foam feet also ensure stability and longevity.

X Frame Adjustable Keyboard Bench Specifications
Height: 47cm - 57cm
Seat: 52cm x 24cm x 3.5cm
Feet: 35cm x 2.5cm
Legs: 4cm x 2cm
Weight: 4.98kg

This fantastic double braced X-frame keyboard stand is manufactured from a 1.5 x 3cm metal tube, with a double circular toothed mechanism for extra durability. The Double X-Frame Keyboard features rubber feet grips which ensure maximum stability. A closed locking feature makes it portable and means that folding and storing is easy. It is adjustable to 6 different height settings using a quick release trigger style mechanism This X stand is ideal for playing both standing up and seated, supporting almost all full sized keyboards.

Double Keyboard Stand Specifications:
Weight: 5.4kg
Max height:99cm
Min height: 23cm
Max width: 99cm
Min Width: 23cm
Arm Support Length: 40cm
Collapsed dimensions: 102 x 51 x 7cm
Max Weight: 20kg

Securing Strap Dimensions:
Strap Length: 48cm
Number of Straps: 2


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