0.81mm Celluloid Guitar Picks & Tin by World Rhythm - 12 Guitar Plectrums

Item Code: WR-C81

At a glance:

  • 12x celluloid guitar picks 0.81mm medium gauge plectrums
  • Medium gauge picks offers great flexibility for strumming but retains stiffness for lead work
  • Classic tortoise shell design in a variety of different colours
  • Celluloid picks create a brighter sound and sharp attack
  • Comes complete with pick tin to keep you from misplacing them

    Our World Rhythm WR-C81 Celluloid Guitar Picks & Tin Package is a collection of medium 0.81mm gauge guitar picks finished off with a classic coloured tortoise shell design. The medium gauge of these picks offer great flexibility for rhythm playing but also retains the stiffness required for lead work.
  • The most essential accessory to almost any guitar player is the guitar pick or plectrum. At World Rhythm we’re focused on providing the absolute best when it comes to usability, design and convenience, making our picks a no brainer for any guitarist.

    Being celluloid, these picks create a much brighter sound with a sharp attack as opposed to the alternative gel or matte picks available.  They are smooth to the touch making them easy to hold and less likely to get caught accidentally on or between your strings. Complete with a handy metal pick tin, you’ll be able to throw this collection straight into your gig bag or your pockets for easy access during performances or practice sessions.


  • Material: Celluloid
  • Gauge: 0.81mm
  • Colour: Variety
  • Qty: 12 Picks

  • Specifications

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