Soprano Ukulele by World Rhythm – Premium Uke and Gig Bag with Black Finish

Item Code: WR-305

At a glance:

  • Soprano style body favoured by schools and ukulele clubs as the first step to learning the ukulele
  • Fitted with Aquila strings which offer far superior tuning to non-branded strings and easy to press down making learning fun
  • Geared machines heads provide for a far superior tuning experience than regular tuning pegs
  • Comes with bag for storage and travel

  • Inspiring new musicians all across the globe, in recent years the ukulele has become an increasingly popular choice for beginner’s instruments both in school and at home. We believe that it’s important your musical journey starts off on the right foot so for 2020 we’ve introduced a brand new range of soprano ukuleles that are perfect for new musicians.

    Producing a wholesome, mellow and bright sound thanks to the sought-after Aquila nylon strings that are fitted as standard, the World Rhythm Soprano Ukulele is the ideal, premium start-up instrument. Designed with a deep blue, attractive finish this ukulele looks just as good as it sounds. The thin-line neck helps beginners to access hard to reach frets, whilst the quality nylon strings are easier to press down than the sharp steel strings of a guitar.

    Topping this beautiful ukulele off is the simplicity of achieving correct tuning, thanks to the fitted open geared machine heads, precise tuning has never been so easy to achieve. Not only does this uke have quality machine heads, it’s also strung with Aquila strings, some of the most sought after stings available for your ukulele thanks to their brilliant tone and tune-holding ability, so you can spend more time playing and less time tuning!

    Take your brand new ukulele out and about thanks to the lightweight nylon gig bag included with this ukulele. From home to lessons, practice to gigs you can take your ukulele with you – or during times of non-use you’ve got a nice, dust protective place to store your ukulele. Also included with this ukulele is a set of spare strings and a felt ukulele pick, some of the most essential accessories to any ukulele player.

    Length: 21”
    Strings: Aquila nylon strings
    Top Material: Linden
    Back & Sides: Linden
    Fingerboard: Dark wood
    Bridge: Dark wood



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