World Rhythm Guitar Strap Floral Blue Embroidered Strap with Pick Holder & Picks

Item Code: WR-212

At a glance:

  • Designed to be used with electric, acoustic, classic/spanish and bass guitars
  • Adjustable length 91cm to 149cm
  • Comfortable 5cm wide cotton design
  • Includes string for attaching classical, spanish guitars
  • Comes with selection of picks and built in pic holder on the strap Brand new for 2020, World Rhythm is excited to introduce their new ‘Creative Collection’ of guitar straps! Featuring three distinct and colourful designs, this collection of guitar straps is perfect for those looking for some added style.

    Designed to accommodate a multitude of different guitar shapes, sizes and styles, we’ve made your standing performances that much more comfortable. Suitable for most electric, acoustic, bass, semi acoustic and electro acoustic guitars – including classical too!

    We’ve designed our strap to ensure that you always have picks to hand thanks to the built-in pick holder featured at the top of the strap. Hold up to three picks at a time in quick reach thanks to these convenient pockets.

    - Minimum Length: 91cm
    - Maximum Length: 149cm
    - Strap Width: 5 cm
    - Three Varied Gauge Plectrums


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