Tiger Ukulele Trigger Capo for Soprano, Concert, Baritone, Ukes, Wood Finish

Item Code: UACAPO7-LW

At a glance:

  • Designed specifically for ukuleles (Soprano, Concert , Baritone, Bass)
  • Easy to operate trigger mechanism makes fitting and removal between songs quick and easy
  • Soft silicone cushions protect your ukulele's neck and strings and offers a snug fit without creating any buzz
  • Made from metal alloy with a unique dark wood finish effect
  • Dimensions: 6 cm x 6 cm

  • Brand new for 2020, Tiger is pleased to welcome the UACAPO7-LW to its already diverse collection of ukulele accessories. The Tiger UACAPO7 Ukulele Trigger Capo is a universal ukulele capo perfect for soprano, concert, baritone and bass ukuleles alike.

    This easy to operate trigger capo is ideal for ukulele players looking to up their game. Finished with a modern and stylish dark wood design, your capo will fit right in no matter the finish on your uke – and thanks to the mechanism, fitting and removing this capo between songs is super quick and super easy.

    The soft silicone cushions on the inside of the capo help protect your ukulele’s neck and strings whilst also ensuring a snug fit to hold the strings without creating any buzz or interference in sound quality. This capo is durable, lightweight and reliable thanks to its mental alloy construction.

    - Finish: Dark wood
    - Made from: Metal alloy
    - Ideal for: Soprano, concert, baritone and bass ukes


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