20" China Cymbal by Tiger

Item Code: CYM21-CH

At a glance:
- Add colour to your playing with an additional effects cymbal
- Chinas produce high pitched "trashy" gong-like sounds with a quite short sustain
- Perfect for all types of music including Rock, Jazz, Fusion & Funk
- Available in three diameters, 14/16/20 inches to produce different tones
- An ideal add-on for kits whether in schools or at home

The TIGER China Cymbals are the perfect addition to your drum kit enabling strong accents to be added to grooves and fills.

This durable TIGER China Cymbal offers the perfect beginner cymbal at an affordable and reasonable price. Crafted from fine brass the cymbal produces a "trashy" gong-like sound. Suitable for all genres including pop, rock and jazz this is the ideal cymbal for beginners and students and will continue to shine through practise and live or recorded performances.

- Metal: Brass
- Size: Available in 14/16/20 inch diameters


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