Tiger Adjustable Folding Guitar Footstool - Black
Tiger GST35 Guitar Footstool, Height Adjustable Folding Footrest – Black

Item Code: GST35-BK

 This foot stool is designed to provide the correct posture when playing guitar. It can be easily adjusted to a selection of different heights which makes it suitable for any age, children and adults alike. The angle is also adjustable for optimum playing position, to ensure that you hold the right posture throughout your performance.
The X-frame legs are strong and robust meaning that the stand is stable. Rubber feet ensure that the footstool will not slip mid-performance and also protects the floor from scratches. A very useful accessory often used with classical guitars to help hold the guitar in a comfortable position.

Item Specifications
- Weight: 0.77kg
- Max Height:28cm
- Min Height: 13cm
- Length: 25cm
- Width: 13cm
- Collapsed Dimensions: 31 x 12 x 2cm


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