Tiger Soprano Ukulele Beginners Pack - Tuner, Strap, Bag, Pick, Strings - Pink

Item Code: UKEKIT-PK

  • Complete starter kit includes everything you need to learn to play the Ukulele - Ideal for Schools
  • Pack Includes: clip on chromatic tuner, ukulele fret board note stickers, gig bag, felt pick, strap, and spare set of strings
  • Now fitted with Aquila strings which are easier to tune than most non branded strings
  • Included chromatic tuner makes tuning your uke a breeze
  • Note stickers help visualise where to place your fingers for a quicker learning experience

    The Tiger UKE7 Beginners Package is the perfect solution to all your ukulele needs! If you're looking to get started on your new uke straight out the box, then look no further.

    Featuring one of the UKs most popular ukulele models - the Tiger UKE7 - this package comes complete with the T-47 Chromatic Tuner, ukulele strap, gig bag, felt pick and a spare set of strings making this the ideal beginner package for all ages.

    The Tiger UKE7 is a bright and colourful soprano ukulele fitted with open geared machine heads to ensure accuracy when tuning and allows you to make subtle and precise adjustments. Truly an instrument for all ages and a fun way to get into the world of music; portable and easy to play, the UKE7 will keep you mesmerized and entertained for hours, wherever you may be and with the help of the beginners package you'll have everything you need to keep playing for hours.

    The Beginner Package Includes:
    - Tiger UKE7 Ukulele
    - Ukulele Gig Bag
    - Tiger T-47 Chromatic Tuner
    - Ukulele Strap
    - Ukulele Felt Pick
    - Ukulele String Set
    - Ukulele Note Stickers

    Ukulele Specifications:
    - Scale: 21"
    - Strings: Standard, Nylon
    - Top Material: Linden
    - Back & Sides: Linden
    - Fingerboard: Dark Wood
    - Bridge: Dark Wood


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