Light Electric Guitar Strings by World Rhythm - .010 - .046 Strings - Pack of 3

Item Code: WR-210-3PACK

  • Three sets of nickel wound (.046 - .026) steel plain .017 - .010 electric guitar strings.
  • Easy on the fingers making them great replacement strings for practicing.
  • Light gauge strings offer balanced tones across all strings.
  • Individually wrapped and labelled strings make it easy to find the string you need and keep unused strings fresher for longer.
  • Comes with 3 FREE .010 E strings

Amateur guitarists deserve an affordable yet impressive solution to replacing their expired guitar strings – which is why we’ve developed a set of cost effective but desirable replacement electric guitar strings.  This complete set of nickel wound and steel plain electric strings range from gauges .010 – .046 designed to offer a lighter feel to your guitars’ playability and make them easier on the fingers. Thanks to these gauges you’ll be producing beautifully balanced tones across all strings.

Each string is individually wrapped and labelled within the outer packaging making it easy to identify the string you need – it will also help to keep unused strings fresher for even longer.

At World Rhythm, we know that the high “e” string can be a pain! So we’ve included an extra high “e” string (.010) for your convenience – you can restring your pride and joy with confidence.

- E - 1st Steel: .010” / 0.25mm
- B - 2nd Steel: .013” / 0.33mm
- G - 3rd Steel: .017” / 0.43mm
- D - 4th Nickel Alloy Wound: .026” / 0.66mm
- A - 5th Nickel Alloy Wound: .036” / 0.97mm
- E - 6th Nickel Alloy Wound: .046” / 1.17mm
Includes 3 FREE .010 high “e” string!


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