TIGER Fluorocarbon Black Ukulele Strings for Soprano and Concert Ukes - 3 sets

Item Code: UAC14-CBN-3

At a glance:
Set of regular-tension ukulele strings for soprano or concert ukuleles
Fluorocarbon strings offer a brighter tone over conventional nylon strings
Improved hold of tuning meaning less time spent tuning
Fingertip-friendly making them great strings both for beginners and intermediate players
Distinctive dark grey finish

Brand new for 2022, Tiger welcomes the addition of the UAC14-CBN Fluorocarbon Ukulele Strings. Ideal for use with soprano and concert ukuleles, these strings are a low-cost upgrade from your regular nylon strings. Like nylon strings, the set of regular tension fluorocarbon strings is fingertip-friendly making them the ideal set of strings for beginner and intermediate players.

Are fluorocarbon strings right for you? Probably! Fluorocarbon strings offer a brighter tone than the more traditional nylon strings and they also feature incredible tuning response, meaning that you can spend more time playing and less time tuning. With a distinctive dark grey finish, your ukulele will adopt a stealthier, sleeker look thanks to these strings.

The UAC14-CBN Fluorocarbon Strings are optimised for standard GCEA tuning, offering the perfect blend of tone and projection. Perfect for those looking to modernise their sound whether that be in the classroom or at a gig.

- Size: Soprano/Concert
- Colour: Translucent dark grey
- Tuning: G-C-E-A


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