Tiger Black Universal Trigger Guitar Capo for Acoustic, Classic, Electric Guitar

Item Code: GACAPO3

At a glance:
- Sturdy and durable capo for acoustic, classical and electric guitars
- Perfect for beginners, as well as experienced players
- Extremely robust metal design and lightweight, portable guitar capo
- Slightly curved rubber padding to accommodate both straight and curved necks
- Allows you to play in different keys with ease

The Tiger GACAPO3 Guitar Capo is one of the most popular trigger guitar capos across the whole of the UK! Whilst manufactured sturdy and durable, this Tiger Guitar Capo is a lightweight accessory that allows you to experiment in your choice of key with ease.

Designed to be suitable for most acoustic and electric guitar necks this capo features a superior spring trigger system that securely fastens the guitar capo around the back of your guitar neck with an angled and padded grip and is then quick and easy to remove too. Thanks to the GACAPO3's rubber padding, your guitar strings, fret board and neck remain undamaged even after multiple and extended use. 

The Tiger Guitar Capo offers an affordable, effective option for guitar players of all skill levels. 

- Inner Surface Length: 5.1cm
- Weight: 50g
- Colour: Black


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