Tiger Gel Guitar Picks - Pack of 12 - Variety of Gauges
Tiger Guitar Plectrums - 12 Gel Guitar Picks, 0.58mm, 0.71mm, 0.81mm Gauges

Item Code: GAC65-12

At a glance:
- 12x Picks, ideal for strumming, rhythm, or lead guitar
- Standard 351 plectrum size ideal for all types of player
- 4x 0.58mm 4x 0.71mm 4x 0.81mm included plectrums,
- Smooth finish help achieve an accurate sound, colours may vary
- Unique Gel see through finish

The Tiger GAC65 Gel Guitar Plectrum Pack is an equally assorted package of picks in three different thicknesses. Featuring light, medium and heavy picks this package is perfect for those looking for a picks with good durability and a long life.

With a smooth, gel finish, these guitar picks are comfortable to hold. With each size servings its own purpose, it's important to understand which size is the best fit for you. This package lets you try out the three popular thicknesses and find that one that you're looking for. Perfect for guitar teachers - let your students find the one that's right for them!

The light plectrum (0.58mm) is most commonly used for strumming along to songs. Being extremely flexible this allows you to strum fluidly and not catch your pick on the strings. The heavy plectrum (0.81mm) is ideal for those guitarists more keen on picking individual strings. Being the least flexible, these aren't ideal for strumming. If you're looking for somewhere in the middle of the two, that's where the medium (0.71mm) pick comes in. Flexible enough for strumming, but strong enough for picking individual strings this is the most popular choice for many guitarists. 

Gauges Included:
- 4 x 0.58mm
- 4 x 0.71mm
- 4 x 0.81mm


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