Tiger Celluloid Guitar Picks - Pack of 12 - Variety of Gauges
Tiger Celluloid Guitar Picks - Pack of 12 - Variety of Gauges

Item Code: GAC63-12

 The Tiger Pack of 12 Celluloid Guitar Plectrums is assorted equally into three different thicknesses (light, medium and heavy) to cater for every guitarist’s preference. This fantastic selection of picks is ideal for guitarists specialising in a variety of styles.

Each size plectrum has its own purpose which is why it is important to understand what best fits you.

The light plectrum (0.46mm) is mostly used for strumming along to songs. The 0.46mm plectrum is extremely flexible and allows you to strum fluidly.

The heavy plectrum (0.81mm) is ideal for guitarists who are renowned for their solos consisting of mainly picking individual strings. The least flexible of the lot means it is not ideal for strumming.

If you are after something in the middle, the medium plectrum (0.71mm) is the one for you – flexible enough for strumming and tough enough for picking individual strings.

Unlike your standard guitar picks, these plectrums are made from quality celluloid which makes these Tiger picks durable and flexible – which means snapping is less likely and you have picks that will last! Each celluloid pick presents a smooth surface, strong durability and long-life and is designed to last.

Gauges Include:

  • 0.46mm
  • 0.71mm
  • 0.81mm

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