TIGER GAC56-BK Pack of 12 Guitar Picks & Pick Holder - Variety of Gauges

Item Code: GAC56-BK

 At a glance:
- 12 plectrums of varying sizes included (0.46mm, 0.71mm, 0.81mm)
- Secure to body of guitar, strong, safe adhesive
- Holds up to 6 plectrums
- Spring-loaded for easy access to picks
- Leaves no sticky residue upon removal

We guitarists want to pick up our guitar and jump right into playing with no fuss without having to search our rehearsal space for a random pick. Fear not, Tiger has the solution for you.

Tiger’s Pick Holder not only ensures that your plectrums are always organised and close to hand; it also provides you with a choice of 12 varied gauge picks to cater to your play-style. The variety of picks includes four light 0.46mm gauges, four medium gauge 0.71mm gauges, and four heavy gauge 0.81mm picks.

Holding up to 6 plectrums, Tiger’s Pick Holder simply sticks onto an easy to access position on your guitar with its sticky pad – leaving no sticky residue upon removal. You can access your picks quickly and with ease thanks to a quick-release springboard.

Keeping your picks organised has never been so affordable!

Item Specifications:
- 12 plectrums included (4x 0.46mm, 4x 0.71mm, and 4x 0.81mm)
- Width: 3cm
- Depth: 1cm


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