Hercules Guitar Footstool

Item Code: FS100B

 The Hercules Footstool has been designed for adults and children alike. This is a great item for anyone looking to enhance their posture while they play and also to make playing an Acoustic guitar more comfortable, elevating one leg.

With its 20% larger surface area, this stool will be suitable for all types of foot sizes.



  • 20% larger foot rest plate for comfortable and solid support
  • 5 positions to adjust the height and angle
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Height: 130-265mm (5.1-10.4")
  • Weight: 0.81kg (1.8lbs)
  • Base diameter: 280x140mm (11x5.5")
  • Load Capacity: 90kg (198.4lbs)
  • Folded size: 305x140mm (12x5.5")

  • Specifications

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