3-in-1 Tuner, Metronome & Tone Generator

Item Code: A9007

An essential tool for all musicians, this powerful small device combines metronome, tuner and tone generator in a single compact and easy-to-use piece of equipment. The tuner works at pitches from A=430 up to A=450, so will accommodate all the pitches currently in use today and provides very accurate and clear readings of any pitch detected on its large format screen. The metronome will give a simple, clear beat and can also provide more complex rhythms. The metronome sound is powerful and clear and will help develop a good sense of tempo. The tuner is a useful aid in intonation training, and will always give an accurate reading of your pitch.

I am very impressed with this device. The screen is incredibly clear and it's so easy to use. Really, it's the best portable device I've come across, that has a clear sounding metronome (a proper click rather than beep beep !!) with a tuning sensitivity that covers the entire range of the euphonium, right down to the very lowest pedal tone. The whole screen turns green when you play in tune...making it incredibly easy to operate. The extra clip-on microphone is also great so you can tune and listen to yourself even when the whole band is playing. Extraordinary technology at a very reasonable price.

Steven Mead

This is a fantastic item. I have been looking for a tuner that is accurate in the tuba’s low register and this definitely fits the bill. The clip output is brilliant too, but the wire is a little too short. I especially like the different rhythms the metronome has. All in all this is a great all-round tuner/metronome which is very easy to use and works brilliantly.

Ross Knight, Tuba, BBC Young Brass Soloist, 2012


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