Tiger Heavy Duty Sheet Music Stand - Orchestral
Tiger MUS7-BK Orchestral Music Stand, Fully Adjustable Sheet Music Stand – Black

Item Code: MUS7-BK

At a glance:
• All metal construction – all joints, poles, desk and legs made from metal instead of plastic making this stand far more robust than cheaper alternatives
• Fully height adjustable two tier design from 70cm to 115cm
• Desk dimensions, 47.5cm width, 33.5cm height, 5cm lip depth & able to accommodate the biggest of binders or books
• Gearless tilt mechanism makes finding the correct angle easy
• Ideal for classrooms, orchestras and gigging musicians, the MUS7-BK packs down quickly and easily

The Tiger MUS7-BK Orchestral Music Stand is a heavy-duty, secure and robust orchestral sheet music stand that caters for the musician or singer that’s looking for a durable and long-lasting music stand. Constructed with an all-metal design, this fully adjustable sheet music stand is much stronger than most others out on the market – all joints, poles, legs and the desk are made from metal.

Ideal for both seated and standing performances, this stand has as large range of height adjustability. With a two-tier design allowing this stand to adjust between 70cm and 115cm of height you can find the perfect positioning for your required setup – and with desk dimensions of 47.5cm x 33.5cm and a lip of 5cm, you’ll be able to accommodate the biggest of binders or music books.

Achieve your desired positioning even easier thanks to the gearless tilt mechanism featured on this stand. Finding the right angle has never been so easy – simply loosen the adjustment, tilt the desk to your preferred angle and fasten the adjuster back up.

This stand is extremely popular within classrooms, orchestras, choirs and with the gigging musician thanks to its sturdy and durable design. The Tiger MUS7-BK also packs down quick and easily making this the ideal stand for musicians on the move.

Minimum height: 70cm
Maximum height: 115cm
Desk dimensions: 47.5cm x 33.5cm
Lip depth: 5cm


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