Uke''N Play Ukulele for Kids by M Jackson
Uke'N Play Ukulele for Kids by M Jackson

Item Code: MS04128

Uke'N Play Ukulele for Kids by Mike Jackson.Based on his best-selling Uke'n Play Ukulele, Mike Jackson has now designed a program for young children to learn to play the ukulele - with just a little help from an older person. With only 3 simple chords to master, 25 fun songs can be played in no time at all! The play-a-long CD helps give the child confidence - while they learn the song, feel the beat and refine their playing technique.

A self-taught musician who plays 16 different instruments - including ukulele, Mike Jackson is perhaps best known in Australia for his hit version of Bananas In Pyjamas. Mike has sold over 250,000 albums, published many songs and dance resources and has performed extensively across Australia and internationally. Mike's inspirational concerts and workshops attest to his belief that learning to play music is an attainable goal for everyone and that it's never, ever, too late - or too early - to begin! Suitable for standard (G,C,E,A) tuning.


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