World Rhythm Djembe Harness - Padded Carry Straps
World Rhythm Djembe Drum Harness - Padded Carry Straps

Item Code: MDJ069

 The World Rhythm Djembe Drum Harness is a lightweight and durable padded carry strap. It is the ideal djembe accessory for stage performances as it makes carrying your drum ten times easier.

Suitable for any size djembe drum thanks to its adjustable straps, this heavy-duty carry strap is strong enough to withstand the most furious of drumming sessions while remaining comfortable.

Item Specifications:

- Dimensions: 61cm x 41cm x 3cm

Our Ethical Promise:Our Ethical Promise:

World Rhythm supports and promotes fair trade principles in all aspects of the business.

We understand the importance of legal and ethical manufacturing; therefore we ensure our products are sourced from a factory that is recognised for their high ethical standard. Our products are sourced from an award-winning Indonesian factory that handcrafts our products using quality mahogany wood and PVC. With woods sourced directly from the Indonesian forest, production is monitored by the Indonesian Minister of Forestry to establish the use of legal materials.

We ensure all materials are sustainable and legal and that no poached or endangered materials are used in the manufacturing of our products. We also ensure that all waste is disposed of in an ecological manner and all shipping materials are recyclable.


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