Tiger Low Level Floor & Desktop Microphone Stand
Tiger Low Level Floor, Desktop Microphone Stand, Bass Drum, Guitar Cab Mic Stand

Item Code: MCA49-BK

At a glance:
- Tiger Low Level Floor, Desktop Microphone Stand, Bass Drum, Guitar Cab Mic Stand
- Ideal for use miking up kick drums, snare drums, guitar amps or cabs or as ambient stage miking.
- Folding metal tripod legs 24cm in length make the stand stable on any stage or desk.
- Maximum height 62cm, maximum usable boom length 31cm.
- Boom arm can be removed and used as a straight stand, height without boom 31cm.
- Mic clip, ⅜" to ⅝" adaptor and cable clip included.

The MCA49 Tiger Low Level Mic Stand is the perfect option for capturing the full clarity and texture of your instruments, from drum kits to Cajon boxes. With anti-skid rubber feet on each tripod leg, this microphone stand will sit securely on your floor or desk without the worry of surface damage or your stand moving. 

This microphone stand features a 3/8" thread, fully adjustable height, length and pan positioning, helping you achieve the perfect sound in both live performances and professional recordings. 

Simply attach your microphone mount to the thread, adjust the stand to the desired position, insert and wire up your mic and you're ready to go. 

Item Specifications:
- Weight: 0.87kg
- Maximum Height: 56.5cm
- Maximum Boom Length: 25cm
- Colour: Black
- Collapsed Dimensions: 43.5cm x 9.5cm x 9.5cm


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