Tiger Microphone Stand with Heavy Round Base - Black
Tiger Microphone Stand with Heavy Round Base - Black

Item Code: MCA14-BK

 The Tiger Microphone Stand with Weighted Round Base is a durable and reliable heavy-duty companion for the gigging vocalist. This particular stand features a rounded cast iron base which offers unrivalled stability, setting it apart from other stands like it. It’s fully adjustable telescopic stem can be attuned to the best height for you, allowing you to be comfortable whilst performing. This microphone stand is equipped with a grooved grip and 6 rubber pads so you can easily move it around your home, studio or venue without damaging floor surfaces.

Included is a malleable microphone clip to suit a wide variety of microphones. If you’d prefer to use your own microphone clip, a thread adapter is provided for use with both 3/8” and 5/8” threaded clips. You’ll also receive a sturdy plastic cable clip to keep your cable tidy.

Item Specifications:
Minimum Height: 89cm
Maximum Height: 152cm
Base Diameter: 25.3cm
Weight: 3.5kg


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