Corelli Crystal Viola String Set

Item Code: M0730

Ideal for more accomplished players, Corelli Crystal Viola Strings are manufactured from wound nylon & offer a classic sound that stands out from other nylon strings that can often produce hard and aggressive tonal results. On the contrary, Corelli Crystal strings produce a natural warm sound and rich tone.

The nylon used is obtained from a special molecule & subject to special treatments exclusive to Corelli, which give it the best characteristics. As a result the strings offer the best sounding qualities, which distinguish Corelli Crystal strings from other traditional nylon strings.

The Corelli Crystal strings benefit from the regular improvements that have been made possible over the past years with improved and developed technologies. The results of Corelli research work led also to improvements in the quality (increased sound qualities, increased solidity and longer life of the string). The feedback on Corelli Viola Strings confirm these excellent results.


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