Tiger Laptop Stand / Projector Stand with Tripod Base
Tiger LEC7-BK Laptop Stand Projector Stand - Height Adjustable with Tripod Legs

Item Code: LEC7-BK

At a glance:

  • Height adjustable laptop projector stand max height 135.5cm min height 86
  • 40cm x 30cm desk big enough to fit most laptops projectors and tablets
  • 0 - 70 degrees of angle adjustment on the desk helps find the perfect angle for any situation
  • 1 cm lip with padding offers extra protection when used at an angle
  • Lightweight design ideal for use at gigs, conferences and meetings
  • The Tiger LEC7-BK Laptop and Projector Stand is a perfect addition for your stage, studio or school setup. A universal, height and angle adjustable stand that will accommodate a large range of laptops, projectors and smart tablet devices. Alongside its adjustability, this durable stand collapses down making it easy to transport too.

    With an adjustable minimum height of 86cm and a maximum height of 135.5cm this stand can slot neatly into your setup and finding the perfect position has never been so easy thanks to the angle adjustments provided on this shelf. Adjustable up to 70 degrees, the desk on this stand measures at a large 40cm x 30cm, meaning it can accommodate most laptops, projectors and tablets.

    Designed for a lighter load and supported by an enhanced tripod base, this durable and secure stand is capped off with 3 anti-slip rubber feet, protecting your stand from slippage during performances/gigs/rehearsals and preventing it from causing surface damage too.

    Item Specifications:
    - Minimum Height: 86cm
    - Maximum Height: 135cm
    - Shelf Dimensions: 40cm x 30xm x 1cm
    - Folded Dimensions: 80cm


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