GCSE Music Study Guide Edexcel 2011+

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For first examination in June 2011

This new edition of the best selling GCSE guide for Edexcel is specifically tailored to the new GCSE Music specification starting in 2009.

Each chapter will help you to focus on what is important in each of the three units that make up your course. Each section of the guide incorporates advice and information that will ensure you succeed in all aspects of your Music GCSE course and get a better grade.

The guide is written by an expert in a clear and approachable style. It contains practical help and advice about composing, performing, listening and appraising.

It contains detailed information on all of the set works in the four Areas of Study:

  • Understand the context of each set work, with background information on the work and an introduction to the composer or performer.
  • Learn how to follow and make sense of the score for each set work, and using a listening guide, learn about the key features of the music.
  • Important vocabulary is explained, and related composing and listening ideas are also given.
  • Use practice questions for each set work to ensure you thoroughly prepare for the exam paper you will sit as part of the Listening Test.
Advice is given on how to write answers to the extended questions in the exam paper.

In addition the guide contains a short section describing the basic elements of music that you will need to understand at GCSE, and a comprehensive glossary explaining the technical terms that you are likely to meet.

'This guide is comprehensive and a "must-have" for any GCSE Music student' Anthony Anderson, Head of Music and AST at Beauchamp College, Leicestershire


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