Tiger PST14 Piano Stool, Height Adjustable Wooden Piano Bench in Black

Item Code: PST14-BK

The Tiger PST14-BK Piano Stool is a wooden, height adjustable piano bench with a high gloss, hard-wearing classic black finish to complement acoustic and electric pianos. Ideal for your home or studio setup this stool is perfect for most pianos and keyboards too. With the height adjustment ranging from 44cm to 56cm this stool can fit snugly into your setup and is ideal for both adults and children alike.

Manufactured with a strong, sturdy wooden frame and finished off with a faux leather cushion this stool fits in well in classrooms, music studios, or living rooms. The heavy-duty metal height adjustment system is durable and secure making sure you’re safe at your desired playing height. The large 55cm x 34cm cushion features a generous 7cm of padding so that you’ll be at comfort during even the longest of practice sessions or performances.

Thanks to the rubber feet fitted to the legs of this piano bench you can be sure that no matter the surface you intend to use this stool on, you’ll stay right in place. You won’t be slipping away from your piano whilst playing, a must-have addition to the stool, also preventing scratching on wooden and tiled floors.

Minimum height: 44cm
Maximum height: 56cm
Cushion size: 55cm x 34cm
Colour: Black

PLEASE NOTE: This product has been tested and complies with the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988. All foams, fillings, and composites have been tested to ensure compliance with the relevant ignitability test. All covers and fillings have been tested to ensure that they are cigarette-resistant. All covers have been tested to ensure that they are match-resistant.


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