PP Percussion Set - Rhythm World

Item Code: PP620

Percussion Plus PP620 Rhythm World. An exciting pack, full of interesting percussion instruments which can take you on an imaginary trip around the world. 14 different sounds and countries with 2 world maps showing these and other instruments, also giving details of origin and use.


  • Clay Ocarina
  • Coconut Maraca
  • Frog
  • Gourd Maracas
  • Seed Shaker
  • Large Seed Shaker
  • Tibetan Bells
  • Bamboo Slit Drum
  • Bamboo Guiro
  • Kyamba
  • Guinea Pig Guiro/Shaker
  • Rainstick
  • Football Rattle
  • Monkey Drum

    Contents may vary at times as these are handmade instruments from different parts of the world and supply is not always consistent in quantity or quality.

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