Tiger Glockenspiel Xylophone for Kids - 8 Multi Coloured Keys

Item Code: XYL14-CL

The Tiger XYL14-CL Glockenspiel (with mallets) is an ideal first instrument for toddlers to embark on their musical journey. It has a range of 8 notes (C to C), which provides the basic knowledge of an octave.

Having been designed for children, the wooden frame is smooth and has rounded edges, and the metal bars have been secured with round-top pins; the wooden mallets included have heads that are secured by glue, and so will not come off or become a choking hazard. The safety of users has been well-considered, but please supervise children when playing.

The metal bars are all a different bright colour - this helps differentiate each note and makes the instrument fun and engaging, also aiding in the sensory development of children.  This xylophone produces a lovely, warm tone that your children will love to hear, and it is the perfect place to kickstart their blossoming.

Features: Smooth wooden frame, 8 metal notes, 2 wooden mallets
Length: 25cm
Height: 4.5cm
Width at narrowest point: 8cm
Width at widest point: 10.5cm
Beater length: 21cm


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