Cherub Drum Trainer & Metronome

Item Code: WRW-206

An easy to operate interface, which provides you with multiple metronome sounds. A great feature to the Cherub Drum Trainer is the option to create original rhythms with its built in mixing function. It has one group of drum-set sounds. Wanting to play for certain number of times? No problem at all, the loop play function, allows you to set your own rhythm styles and to play them for a specified number of times. Also bringing you an amp simulator and the option to store your settings into the memory, with 30 presets; this drum trainer is a handy, accessible and personal metronome that will work with the drummer. Specifications

  • Memory: 1 ~ 50 groups
  • Beats: 1~8, 1+1~8+8
  • Tempo: 30 ~ 250 bpm
  • Loop group: 1 ~ 16
  • Loop times: 1~99
  • Loop Step: 1 ~ 8
  • Power: 9V (9V battery), ACD-007A power adapter
  • Dimensions: 160(L) x 120(W)x 36(H)mm
  • Weight: 310g

  • Specifications

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