Practice In Music Theory Grade 8

Item Code: WMP1628

 Based on the Associated Board theory syllabus, Practice in Music Theory 8 is organised into 5 divisions- Advanced Harmonic Vocabulary, Trio Sonata Textures, Pianoforte Writing, Melodic Composition, Score Reading and Analysis. Each section contains the topics which provide the indispensable background to understanding the concepts found in music itself. Theoretical considerations apart, specific works are analysed, illustrations are abundant, music examples and interesting exercises are plentiful throughout the text.

The book includes these songs:

Advanced Tonal Melodic Composition
Augmented Sixth Chords
Borrowed Chords And Altered Chords
Essentials Of Three-part Writing
Extension Of The Triad And Chromatic Chords
Modern Compositional Techniques
Score Reading And Analysis
Stylistic Study: Classical Works
Stylistic Study: Modern Works
Stylistic Study: Romantic Works
The Trio Sonatas
Writing For Piano


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