Cherub Pickup For Guitar, Ukulele, Violin with 1/4 inch Plug
Cherub Pickup For Guitar, Ukulele and Violin

Item Code: WCP-55


The fantastic Cherub WCP-55 Clip-on Pickup is absolutely ideal for both beginner and advanced ukulele, guitar and violin players.
By simply clipping the WCP-55 onto the top of the headstock of the instrument, you are then free to plug the 1/4" jack into either an amplifier, recording device, or even effects or tuning systems.
With foam padding to protect the finish of your instrument whilst clipped on, the WCP-55 picks up the vibrations of the instrument when played. This allows a precise and clear response with no interference from the sound of other instruments or noise around.

Item Specifications

  • Cable Length: 2.5m
  • ¼” Jack plug
  • For use with ukulele, but suits other stringed instruments too

  • Specifications

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