Tiger 6 inch Triangle Instrument and Beater
TIGER TRI7-MT 15CM Steel Triangle Instrument, Complete with Beater

Item Code: TRI7-MT

At a glance:
• Made with heavy-duty steel to produce a long, resonating, clear tone
• Metal striker is included to hit the triangle and produce the sound
• Perfect for the early stages of learning rhythm, and also useful in SEN environments
• Suitable for all ages and environments - no prior musical skill or knowledge required to enjoy the triangle
• Rubberised handle makes triangle easy to hold and lets the triangle sing

The TIGER TRI7-MT 6"" Triangle Instrument is manufactured from heavy-duty steel and is an ideal instrument for a whole host of musical applications. From Primary Schools to recording studios, the Tiger Triangle can perform well with the wholesome, crisp, well-rounded resonant tone it produces.

Coming complete with a metal striker, and a rubberised handle to hold the triangle, this instrument is easy to play as soon as it has arrived! You need no prior musical knowledge or talent to be able to enjoy this instrument.

This is one of the many reasons it is a favourite for school environments, and early stages. This simple instrument can aid children learn the fundamentals about rhythm and tone and start a long path in musical expression. Its simplicity also makes the triangle a popular tool in SEN environments, as a lightweight, durable, and safe way to engage children.

• 15CM / 6” length
• Heavy-Duty Stainless-steel – Chrome finish
• Rubberised handle
• 12CM long Stainless-steel beater that also includes a rubberised tip for added grip
• Weight of 181g (including beater)

Customer Information:
Colours & contents may vary from items shown. Please remove all packaging material before giving this item to a child.
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