T1 Live Custom In-Ear Monitors

Item Code: T1-LIVE

The T1 Live! brings over 2 years of research and development together as the most feature-rich custom in-ear monitor available. With the introduction of a new integrated crossover and a proprietary replaceable cable system the T1 Live! offers an enviable feature set brought about with meticulous attention to detail and design. Its triple driver configuration brings you broad and rich sound combined with the impeccable fit and comfort created by the discreet soft silicone mould resulting in an in-ear monitor that feels and sounds completely natural allowing you to control your sound and focus on your performance.

Technical Specification:

  • Frequency Response: 16Hz ~ 20kHz
  • Impedance: 40 Ohms
  • Isolation: 27 dB
  • 500 Hz Sensitivity: 119dB/0.1v RMS (118dB/mW)
  • Weight: 24g Net | 243g Gross | Average weight will vary according to ear size
  • Build Material: 40 Shore Medical Grade Silicone
  • Mould Type: Full Concha
  • Standard Colour: Clear with Black Cable
  • Included Accessories: Instruction Leaflet, Step-Up Adaptor, Wax Pick, Comfort Cream, Carry Pouch, Flight Case, Cable
  • Optional Accessories: Extension Cable, Spare Cable (not included)
  • Package Dimensions: 147mm x 50mm x 100mm
  • Warranty Period: 1 Year against manufacturing and component failure

    T1 LIVE! Product Specification

    How does it work?

    We will send you a voucher when purchasing any of our custom ACS products; this can be redeemed at your local ACS' audiologist. They will then take a set of impressions of the user's ears. It's a quick process that should take no longer than 10 minutes and then after a few days in their lab the finished product will be ready for collection or delivery.

    When can I choose the colour I want them to be

    Whilst you're at your local audiologist, you can chose what colour you want them to be and meet the people behind such a specialist process. Colours that are available will be displayed on a chart at the top of this page.

    Find you're your local audiologist here

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