Stagg Foldable Cello Stand

Item Code: SV-CE

 The Stagg Foldable Cello Stand is strong, sturdy, versatile and also foldable for easy transport when not in use. Suitable for 1/2, 3/4, 7/8 & 4/4 size Cello's as well as all Double Basses, this very well built stand is particularly useful for stage and studio work as your instrument is elevated on the stand, allowing the endpin to remain extended and set at your desired height.

No longer will you need to take up a mass of floor space and risk damaging your instrument by laying it on its side on the floor - The Stagg Foldable Cello Stand cradles the bottom of your cello or bass with two foam padded metal support arms, whilst the neck is supported by a foam padded horseshoe cradle which is also height adjustable so you can choose where abouts your cello or bass' neck is supported. Other great features include rubber grip feet to prevent slippage of the stand on smooth surfaces, whilst there's also a hook built into the back of the neck cradle to accommodate your bow. This stand is a great choice for cellists and bassists of all standards and ages, and comes highly recommended by our stringed department!

Features / Specifications:

  • Max. height of neck-rest from supporting arms: 46" / 117cm
  • Min. width between supporting arms: 11.8" / 30cm
  • Black finish

  • Specifications

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