Neotech Junior Harness Saxophone Strap
Neotech Junior Harness Saxophone Strap

Item Code: 2501152

A harness that is not only functional but extremely comfortable! The revolutionary SOFT HARNESS STRAP™ from NEOTECH uses neoprene reinforced with an elastic support system which carries the burden of a heavy instrument while enhancing the musician’s freedom of movement. No longer do musicians have to be restricted by confining harness designs. SOFT HARNESS STRAP™ is ideal for musicians in marching bands or individuals with back or neck problems. NEOTECH’s patented weight reduction system does it again!

Available with our popular swivel hook or a nonmarring tubular nylon connection system that offers an alternative to a traditional hook attachment. The loop connector is extremely strong, yet easy on the instrument's finish.


  • Fits most saxophones
  • Easy to attach with a unique swivel hook or the new Loop Connector
  • Very strong and durable
  • Fully adjustable

    Approx. Size:
  • Junior size: 10½" - 14½" (26.6 cm - 36.8 cm)
  • Measured from the back of the neck to the hook

  • Specifications

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