Westbury Antiqued Viola Outfit
Item Code: AF005

Like all Westbury stringed instruments, the Westbury Antiqued viola is an absolutely superb choice for intermediate players, serious students and regular live performers.
For beginners making the step up from their first or second viola, the Westbury is the ideal choice due to it's use of finer quality maple and spruce wood which is hand carved to ensure optimum tone and resonance, as well as the inclusion of a beautiful Brazilwood octagonal bow, giving much better weight distribution than a standard beginner bow making it more comfortable to hold when playing.

Available in three popular sizes (15", 15½", 16") for young teenagers through to adults, the Westbury also includes a dart shaped black hard case with an internal instrument blanket for excellent protection from any knocks or damage as well as dust and scratches. Back-pack straps and a large accessory pocket are also featured on the outside.

Further specific features of the instrument itself include a fingerboard, top-nut, chinrest and pegs all crafted from fine ebony. Ebony is a delicate soft black wood that has to be carefully handled due to its high-density, and is commonly used on more high-end instruments.

Set-up ready to play, the Westbury AF005 is fitted with factory standard strings, a French Despiau bridge, metal alloy tailpiece, and has a beautiful hand applied antiqued spirit varnishand inlaid purfling for an absolutely stunning look!

All these fantastic high-grade features offer serious violists an instrument that not only looks impressive, but produces a wonderful tone that Westbury instruments are renowned for.
The difference compared to cheaper viola's is clear, and the playability is second-to-none. Comfortable to play, with the feeling that real care and attention to detail has gone into the crafting of yours, and every other Westbury viola.

Viola Size Guide

  • 16" - Age 16+
  • 15.5" - Ages 14-15
  • 15" - Ages 12-13
  • 14.5" - Ages 11-12

  • Available sizes: 15", 15½", 16"
  • Hand carved maple & spruce with inlaid purfling
  • Hand applied antiqued spirit varnish
  • Set-up, and fitted with factory standard strings
  • Full ebony fingerboard
  • Ebony top-nut
  • Fine ebony pegs and matching chinrest
  • Metal alloy tailpiece
  • Fitted quality French Despiau bridge
  • Westbury dart plywood case with blanket, back-pack straps and accessory pockets
  • Westbury Brazilwood octagonal with fully-mounted ebony frog

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