Neotech Comfort Clarinet Strap
Neotech Comfort Clarinet Strap

Item Code: 2301192

C.E.O. COMFORT STRAP™ offers a sleek design while providing maximum comfort. The durable neoprene strap incorporates top grade leather and custom cord to arrive at the ideal strap. The unique slide holds the desired length while offering easy, two-finger adjustment capabilities.

The versatile C.E.O. COMFORT STRAP ™ has a choice of two connection options. You can attach the unique leather tab to your thumb rest or use the plastic-covered metal hook if you have an eyelet attachment on your instrument. The end result is comfort for your neck and shoulders while providing relief for the all-too-common thumb fatigue frequent amongst clarinet, English horn and oboe players. Treat yourself to the best—try the C.E.O. COMFORT STRAP™!


  • Fits the Clarinet, English horn & Oboe
  • Streamlined design, Fully adjustable
  • Easy to attach with a plastic-covered metal hook
  • Provides thumb relief
  • Unique adjustment slide
  • Very strong and durable

    Approx. Size:
  • 15.5" - 20.5" (39.4 cm - 52.1 cm)
  • Measured from the back of the neck to the bottom of the hook.

  • Specifications

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