Primavera Wooden Viola Bow
Item Code: AB003

The Primavera Wooden Viola Bow is an excellent choice for beginners who are used to the weight of a wooden bow and still want good quality whilst on a budget.

Whilst many other entry-level bows are mass-produced with a hardwood or even plastic frog in some cases, the Primavera uses fine ebony wood for the frog whilst the rounded stick is crafted from hardwood with copper-nickel lapping.

The frog is half-mounted with nickel-silver and a pearl eye, and student-quality horsehair has been selected.
Available in a range of sizes to cater for players of all ages and height (please see below), the Primavera Wooden Viola Bow is a good choice for those requiring a low-cost replacement.

Are viola bows the same size as violins bow? No. Viola bows are slightly shorter and heavier than violin bows, and also use a wider band of horse-har. Please see our size chart below to find the suitable size bow for your viola:

  • 4/4 Size Viola Bow = 15" - 16.5"+ Viola
  • 3/4 Size Viola Bow = 13" - 14" Viola
  • 1/2 Size Viola Bow = 12" Viola

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