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    Cherub Keyboard Sustain Pedal - Damper for all Keyboards

    Item Code:WTB-004
     A Cherub Keyboard Sustain Pedal with a rubber base to ensure that the pedal won't slip when you are in the middle of playing. The reversible action damper switch means that it will be compatible...

    Cherub Keyboard Sustain Pedal

    Item Code:WTB-005
     The Cherub Keyboard Sustain Pedal is a solid pedal that allows you to sustain notes on your keyboard or digital piano. With a chrome metal pedal, plastic shell and rubberised bottom, the Cherub...

    Item Code:KSP-004

    Item Code:AD-5MLE

    Item Code:KM22

    Price: £ 44.99 inc VAT
    Item Code:KAP-PK2-STRAPS

    Price: £ 50.99 inc VAT
    Item Code:KAP-PK2-SUS