Tiger Guitar Strap with Pick Holders & Picks - Black

Item Code: STP4-BK

 At a glance:
- Suitable for Electric, Acoustic, Bass, Semi Acoustic and Electro Acoustic Guitars
- Equipped with three pick holders to store your picks for quick and easy use
- Strong nylon strap means it will last regular use
- Comes with shoelace to tie around headstock on acoustic and classical guitars
- Adjustable length between 86 -148cm

Share the weight of your guitar, no matter what type you own – acoustic to bass - with your new Tiger STP4 Adjustable Guitar Strap. This strap effectively supports the weight of your guitar and allows you to take those much needed breaks that all guitarists dream about after a long performance (or lesson if you’re new!), without even putting your instrument down.

Store a few plectrums in your strap with the conveniently designed pick holder and why not have a few free plectrums on us?

Item Specifications:
- Minimum Length: 86cm
- Maximum Length: 148cm
- Strap Width: 2”
- 3 Varied Gauge Plectrums (a treat from us!)


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