TIGER MSA30-BK Microphone/Music Stand Attachment for Lyrics & Scores with Clamp

Item Code: MSA30-BK

At a glance:
• Quick and easy set-up and break-down that allows you to get into your performance or rehearsal in minimal time

•Clamp and lock mechanism secures the position of desk to suit your preference

•3CM lip depth is perfect for holding sheet music, scores, lyrics, books and even tablets during performances

• Lightweight and small - easily portable and non-intrusive on stage

• Note: Product is designed for mic stands and music stands, and isn't suitable to attach drumkits

The TIGER MSA30-BK Music Stand Attachment is an adaptable extra stand that is compatible with both music stands and microphone stands. Primarily, it is an ideal accessory to display lyrics, scores, books or even a tablet next to your main music stand or near your microphone. With desk dimensions of 32 x 25CM, this is a small, non-invasive stand that wont detract from your stage presence or cover your face.

Manufactured from durable steel, this stand features a clamp and lock mechanism - this allows quick and easy set-up and positioning to suit your performance. Along with its light weight of just 1.3kg, the easy setup makes this an ideal accessory for taking to shows or rehearsals, and even allow you to maximise your space at home without the need for a bulkier music stand.

Item Specifications:

- Length: 32cm
- Width: 25cm
- Lip Depth: 3cm
- Weight: 1.3kg


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