Tiger GAC1152 Acoustic Guitar Strings .011 - .052 Super Light Gauge

Item Code: GAC1152

At a glance:
- Complete set of acoustic guitar strings; great replacement for students
- Light gauge strings .011 - .052
- Coated copper wound strings .032 - .052
- Steel plain 0.11 - .024

These Super Light Acoustic Guitar Strings are an affordable set of replacement strings, manufactured to high standards. These super light strings are gauged from .011” - .052” and are perfect for producing vibrant, low tones from the first four strings whilst the remaining two will produce beautifully crisp highs.

Thanks to the super light gauges, these strings are perfect for beginners or players who require strings with the lightest possible tension, making for the greatest ease of play and flexibility. Suitable for a large variety of different playing styles and genres these strings are the must have for any guitar player.

E – 1st: .011”/ 0.28mm
B – 2nd: .015”/ 0.38mm
G – 3rd: .022W“/ 0.56mm
D – 4th: .030”/ 0.76mm
A – 5th: .042” / 1.07mm
E – 6th: .052” / 1.32mm


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