Stagg Orchestral Sheet Music Stand

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Stagg Standard Orchestral Music Stand with Metal sheet Rest. A sturdy and robust orchestral music stand with improved adjustable knobs for resilience and repeated use. With multiple parts for adjustment this can be used stood or seated and the angle of the music sheet rest can be adjusted too. With it folding down this is a great option for portability strength.

  • Tubular stand with folding legs, steel construction
  • Cast-iron leghousing
  • Metal connector clamps
  • Adjustable height w/ locking screw
  • Height range: 73 to 126 cm / 28.7 x 49.6 in. - Weight: 4.1 kg / 9 lbs
  • Dimensions: 47.5 x 34.5 (cm)/ 18.7 x 13.6 in.
  • Colour: black.

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    Peter Griffin

    The majority of the jointed components are robust, but the wedge-shaped joint between the vertical post and the metal perforated "rest" is poor. The "rest" will not remain horizontal but is sloppy due to the poor interface of male/female wedge-shaped joint. The above defect I have raised with your staff: I'm pleased with the response, in that your supplier/manufacturer is aware of the problem, will await outcome. Our conductor had the cheaper Stagg music stand with plastic fittings, butthe tripod bush friction screw failed: hence the purchase of the more robust (or so I thought !) and expensive stand. I personally think the rest/post joint is inferior to the cheaper stand, which is a retrograde step. Peter Griffin
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    excellent stand for the money, I like the big knob at the top for tightning the top piece, the one's I had before with two little knobs are no use, they don't stay tight after a while.
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    I like the metal fixings. It looks like these will last a long time in the heavy handed student environment they live in. Previous plastic models have never lasted more than a couple of months. These, however, are very sturdy.
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    Very pleased with the stands. The only problem that I have found so far is that it is difficult to make the screw tight enough to join the top on to the legs. If I lift the stands by holding onto the top it comes off. The bag of four of these for a string quartet is very heavy, but they are sturdy and nice looking.
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    Seems very solid and sturdy. Much better than my old one!
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