Theodore MET21-WD Mechanical Metronome – Classic Wood Effect Pyramid Design

Item Code: MET21-WD

At a glance:
- No batteries needed, high quality metal winding clockwork mechanism
- 40 – 208 (Largo – Presto) BPM with traditional distinctive loud tick tock sound
- 2/3/4/6 beat accent bell
- Great for pianists, keyboard players, teachers and students alike
- Classic teak effect design with removable face plate

The Theodore MET21 Pyramid Style Metronome is the ideal solution for your timekeeping needs. Complete with a built in bell, you can set this metronome to chime on every 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th beat or if the bell isn’t required, then not at all!

This beautifully finished metronome has an attractive wood-grain pattern to fit the classical style presented by this must have time-keeper. Perfect for professionals, students, beginners and teachers alike the metronome offers a speed between Largo (40bpm) and Prestissimo (208bpm).

Thanks to the wind-up spring mechanism, batteries aren’t included and you won’t need to provide them either! The built in mechanism gives the metronome the power to produce its regular, metrical beats. For periods of non use, this metronome also comes with a matching cover piece for the front of the accessory making it just as good of an ornament as it is a functional metronome.

Whether you’re practicing piano, violin, guitar, bass, cello or any other acoustic instrument this metronome can help you keep time by producing a loud and clear ticking noise. Perfect for loud environments such as a classroom, school or practise room.

- BPM: 40-208
- Height: 22cm
- Bell: Optional 2/3/4/6
- Volume: Not adjustable


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