Black Sheet Music Bag - School Book Bag
Tiger Sheet Music Book Bag Carry Case Colour -Black

Item Code: MSA63-BK

At a glance:
• Ideal for carrying sheet music, music books or schoolbooks to and from school, music clubs and lessons, or performances
• Reinforced corners for added protection and strength
• Reflective hi-vis strip on the front, great for the winter months
• Measures 34.5cm length by 26cm height
• Rain resistant nylon material keeps your books dry

The TIGER MSA63 Music Book Bag is a strong, simple, and practical accessory that is a must for students and those who play instruments.

The extremely lightweight book bag is slightly bigger than an A4 size, so fitting books, loose sheets, folders, and stationery will come with no difficulties; a velcro strip secures the contents.

Made of weather-resistant nylon to keep your music dry, and lined with strong PVC with reinforced corners, this bag is built to withstand regular use: even at the hands of kids being kids.

Fitted with a reflective strip that runs the length of the bag, the MSA63 is designed with safety of users in mind - it's a must-have feature for those winter nights.

Dimensions: 37.5 x 27 x 0.5cm
Storage Volume: 3013cm3 (31 x 24 x 4cm)
Weight: 100g
Colour: Black, Red, or Blue
Features: Velcro Strap, PVC Lining, Reinforced Corners, Handle, Reflective Safety Strip


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